8 Great Ways to Share the Tax Refund Love With Your Pets

This year, the IRS has given tax-paying humans a gift by delaying the deadline file until Monday, April 18. If you're lucky enough to get a refund, you could be practical and put the money into your savings account. Or you could spend some of it on a family member who loves you unconditionally and never asks for a dime — your pet!

Wise Tax Refund Investment Ideas That Benefit Your Pet

Cat at the vet


Wise Investment #1: Get a Microchip

As much as your pet loves you and your home, when the door is left open or a fence is too low, your cat or dog may decide to bolt. You're 52 percent more likely to locate a lost dog, and 39 percent more likely to find a lost cat, if he's microchipped. So take your pet to the vet and ask for this simple and painless procedure.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel getting a wellness exam from a vet


Wise Investment #2: Schedule a Six-Month Checkup

Your cat or dog should visit the veterinarian for a wellness exam at least once a year — twice-yearly if he's older. By scheduling a six-month checkup, you'll actually save money because your vet can make sure your pet is up-to-date on vaccinations and spot health issues before they become big (and expensive) problems.

Petflect Reflective Safety System


Wise Investment #3: Outfit Fido in Reflective Gear

With the weather getting warmer, it's smart to take your pup on a stroll when it's cooler at night. With the right reflective gear, such as bright vests and glowing collars, you'll be able to safely enjoy your evening outing. 

Dog going through tunnel of agility course


Wise Investment #4: Take a Dog Agility Class

Want to try an activity that will keep you and your dog in shape? Sign up for a canine agility class, which is a great way to enrich your dog's life and keep his brain mentally fit.

Examining cat's teeth


Wise Investment #5: Clean His Teeth

Oral neglect can lead to periodontal or dental disease, which can shorten your pet's lifespan and decrease his quality of life, so take your pet to the vet for a professional cleaning.


Dr. Patty Khuly

Wise Investment #6: Build a Catio

With a catio, your cat will be able to enjoy the great outdoors without risking disease transmission or run-ins with predators and vehicles.

Freedom No-Pull Harness
Wise Investment #7: Stock Up on Training Products

Annoying behaviors, like pulling on a leash, can be readily addressed if you have the right tools. For example, dog trainer Mikkel Becker likes such harnesses as the Freedom No-Pull because it safely prevents tugging. Every penny spent to help your dog in the good behavior department is worth it.

Hand holding a dog paw


Wise Investment #8: Support an Animal Cause

Donating to an animal charity is the gift that keeps on giving. And don't forget that you can deduct that donation from next year's taxes!

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