From Functional to Fabulous, These Catio Designs Are Cat-Friendly and Clever

All About Animals Rescue in Phoenix, Ariz., made handy use of a large back patio by enclosing the existing space with metal mesh. Now this sunny catio, with climbing shelves and cat furniture, provides a comfortable temporary home for the many rescued cats in the shelter's care.

Exploring the Great Outdoors With Catios

Photo courtesy of Linda Balsinger

An Architectural Marvel: the Catitat

If you really want to go all out, create a giant enclosure like this “catitat” in Bend, Ore. The main structure is 24 feet by 40 feet and it's filled with climbing shelves, ramps, grass, and natural elements, such as a large dead tree that's perfect for scratching. The main supports are sunken into the ground and secured with concrete, while the wire fencing extends about 6 inches below ground to keep critters from burrowing underneath. The kitties access the catitat via a long walkway that leads from a cat door to the main enclosure.

Photo by Carrie Fagerstrom

Chloe’s Custom Catio

Named after a shy tabby, Chloe’s Catio is an addition onto a Portland home that accommodates a large family of felines. The mesh enclosure has a clear polycarbonate roof to keep everyone nice and dry in the rainy Pacific Northwest climate. Soft beds, scratching posts, and a drinking fountain make the cats feel right at home — and away from the dogs!

Photo by Harvie Schreiber

A Colorful California Catio

Custom mesh panels were used to enclose this poolside patio for some lucky felines in Fresno, Calif. The panels were pre-assembled and then secured to the stucco walls with concrete bolts and screws. This beautiful catio, full of light and color, looks like an ideal paradise for felines and humans alike.

Photo by Kate Benjamin

Designer Catio Details

This spacious Phoenix catio was once a patio. By extending the roof and connecting it to the block walls with custom mesh panels, the owners created a kitty playground — with cat shelves, a hidden litter box, feline furniture, and a sisal-wrapped scratching post.

Photo courtesy of Judi Traynor

A Scottish Fold Hideaway in Florida

This lush catio in Fort Pierce, Fl., was created for a family of four Scottish Folds, a.k.a. “The Scottish Mafia.” Liam, Fiona, Fibber, and Oliver enjoy a spacious area that comes complete with cat-safe tropical plants, climbing ramps, cat perches, and water features.

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