Sephora's New Hello Kitty Noir Collection Is Custom-Made for Cat Fanciers

Hello Kitty Compact
The new Hello Kitty Noir collection eyeshadow and lip gloss palette.

Cat-obsessed fashionistas the world over know that Hello Kitty has come a long way since 1974, when the ever-kawaii (that’s basically Japanese for super cute) cat started popping up on Sanrio-produced plastic coin purses. Over the last 35-plus years, the prolific kitten has amassed new friends, explored the globe and collaborated with some big names in fashion, banking and product design, including tech giant Apple.

Her latest pet project is perfect for those who like their feline fandom to be a bit more sophisticated: a line of kittenish accessories and cosmetics for beauty purveyor Sephora. This season, her focus is on all things Hollywood noir, from a purse-friendly shimmering powder and eyeshadow palette — complete with four luminescent shades and a glittery holiday bow — to a chic rollerball perfume container, which dispenses Hello Kitty’s signature musky scent. According to the well-coiffed feline, it’s sweet sparkling and pretty, of course.

To dress up your boudoir, the fashionable feline has also dreamt up bejeweled versions of vanity essentials, like a sparkly hand mirror and a five-piece brush set with a kitty container that comes in sexy black or sultry ruby.

For truly beauty-obsessed cats, the eyeshadow and lip gloss palette is packed with 25 silky shades by Charmmy — we love the va-va-voom bright blue — and 10 nonsticky glosses. The best part: The $180 value is currently available at Sephora for only $49. Kawaii!

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