Clever French Ad Shows Felines Being Fabulous

In an attempt to cash in on the cute-pets-can-sell-anything phenomenon, France’s Bouygues Telecom has a cheeky new advertising campaign that features a hyperconnected world inhabited entirely by chic French cats: Les Chatons Telecom (The Telecom Kittens), to be precise.

The hilarious ad stars chatons from all walks of life busily multitasking. They use the company’s smartphones, check their Bouygues Telecom email accounts with paws atop actual mice and troll the company’s TV cable service for episodes of Catchete, the feline version of Iron Chef. The ad ends with a nod to the company’s No. 1 customer satisfaction rating -—in the form of a fabulous French party, complete with a furry DJ, cat-friendly confetti and a chatpagne tower, naturellement.

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