Cute Pet of the Week - October 21, 2011

We can have only one winner, but there were so many adorable pets this week that we're highlighting our top 10. If you'd like to submit your furry friend for a chance to be featured as Vetstreet's Cute Pet of the Week, share a picture of your pet on our Facebook page!

Top 10 Cutest Pets of the Week

Nikko and Lola, Cute Pet of the Week Candidates

Paul D Bryant via Facebook

10. Nikko and Lola

Nikko the Maltese and Lola the Pit Bull Terrier mix seem pretty happy resting outside. Their laid-back attitude captured our attention this week.

9. Brix

This picture of Brix, a Pointer Pit Bull mix, is slightly dark, but we just love his curious expression.


Steve Foremski via Facebook

8. Roxie

The smiling little Roxie looks like she's happy to be one of our Cute Pets this week, and she has a lot to be happy about. According to her owner she had her first birthday last week.

Max, Cute Pet of the Week Candidate

Kristi Campbell Coles via Facebook

7. Max

Bobtailed Max looks cute tucked away in a corner. This smart kitty even knows how to find his own pillows.

Oscar, Cute Pet of the Week candidate

Dustin McGuirk via Facebook

6. Oscar

From his adorable floppy ears to his red, heart-shaped ID, Oscar looks all-around lovable in this pic.

Puppy lying in grass

Kristi Campbell Coles via Facebook

5. Dane Coles

We nominated the adorable 15-week-old Dane Coles as a Cute Pet of the Week candidate because of his beautiful coat and sweet expression.

Bella and Murphy, Cute Pet of the Week candidate

Marjorie Kathryn Wallace via Facebook

4. Bella and Murphy

What a neat photo of best friends Bella and Murphy. These friendly, blue-eyed felines must love the camera.


Linda Myers via Facebook

3. Argus

We can't resist a puppy in a tub. This little guy is named Argus, and we think he's a really good sport.

Cute black puppy named Coal leaning on porch

Cyndy West via Facebook

2. Coal

Coal is a Labrador Retriever. He is a gorgeous dog with a beautiful dark coat. What a cuddly puppy!

Kristen Seymour

1. Meeko

And the No. 1 Cute Pet of the Week is... Meeko. Meeko's owner told us the kitty is celebrating her 15th birthday this month, and we must say the fiesty feline has aged very well. She's even been known to move her canine siblings out of the way to get a good sunny spot. Thanks for being our Pet of the Week, Meeko.


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