Cute Pet of the Week - September 16, 2011

We can have only one winner, but there were so many cute pets this week that we're sharing our Top 10. If you'd like to submit your pet for a chance to be featured as Vetstreet's Cute Pet of the Week, share a picture of your pet on our Facebook page!

Top 10 Cutest Pets of the Week

Mary Morris via Facebook

10. Chocolate

Priscilla Otrembiak Wallenburg via Facebook

9. Midnight
Fergie and Gizmo

Facebook via Sue Rhode Hedtke

8. Gizmo and Fergie

Catherine Hogan via Facebook

6. Belle
Puff the Ragdoll Cat

Penny Wermescher via Facebook

5. Puff

Jill Fisher Gibbs via Facebook

4. Henry

Heather Harley via Facebook

3. Pippa

Julie Ellingson via Facebook

2. Flash
Mulligan the Great Dane

Whitney Ferguson St Germain via Facebook

1. Mulligan

Location: El Cajon, Calif.
Age: 6 years
Breed: Great Dane
Likes: Lounging on the couch, spending time with mama
Dislikes: Rain/wet ground, not being with mama
Weird Quirks: "Gives hugs by placing his chin on my shoulder as I hug him," his owner says.

Mulligan is pictured here with 2-year-old Teaghan.

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