Best in Show: 6 Past Westminster Winners

There's only one Westminster and there's only one Best In Show winner. The prestigious show, founded in 1877, is America’s first champions-only dog show, and it's limited to 2,500 dogs each year. We've compiled a gallery of the the champions who have won Best in Show the past six years.

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Mary Bloom

2011: Hickory the Scottish Deerhound

In 2011, Hickory, a Scottish Deerhound, made Westminster history by becoming the first in her breed to win Best in Show. Hickory's official name is Grand Champion Foxcliffe Hickory Wind; she is owned by Dr. R. Scott and Cecilia Dove of Flint Hill, Va. Hickory now spends her days running on her owner's 50-acre farm, and she recently become a mother to nine puppies.

Westminster Kennel Club

2010: Sadie the Scottish Terrier

Sadie the Scottish Terrier performed a rare dog-show feat in 2010: Not only did she take Best in Show at Westminster but she also took home the top spots at the National Dog Show and the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship. Sadie, whose full name is Ch. Roundtown Mercedes of Marysco, was the eighth Scottie to win at Westminster.

Westminster Kennel Club

2009: Stump the Sussex Spaniel

Stump, a Sussex Spaniel, was crowned Westminster champion shortly after his tenth birthday, making him the oldest Best in Show winner at the Westminster Kennel Club. Stump, aka Ch. Clussexx Three D Grinchy Glee, was also the first of his breed to capture the silver bowl.

Uno Best in Show Winner 2008

Westminster Kennel Club

2008: Uno the Beagle

Uno, or Ch. K-Run’s Park Me in First, became the first Beagle to win Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club in 2008. He quickly became the fan favorite at the show, because, as his handler Aaron Wilkerson noted, “He’s a people’s dog, a merry little hound.” Uno now resides with his co-owner, Caroline Dowell, and is a full-time house dog.

James Westminster Best in Show 2007

Westminster Kennel Club

2007: James the English Springer Spaniel

Ch. Felicity's Diamond Jim, or James for short, was Westminster Best in Show in 2007, when he was seven and a half years old. The English Springer Spaniel retired from showing after his big win and is now a certified therapy dog. In his post-Westminster career, James has worked with Alzheimer's patients, children and people who have cancer.

Rufus wins Best in Show 2006

Westminster Kennel Club

2006: Rufus the Bull Terrier

Rufus — Ch. Rocky Top's Sundance Kid — took home the top Westminster trophy in 2006. Rufus is a colored Bull Terrier and was four years old when he was crowned. Rufus competed four times at Westminster, and he was the first Bull Terrier to win Best in Show since 1919.


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