Get Ready for the National Dog Show Presented by Purina

National Dog Show Boxer
National Dog Show/SeeSpotRun Photography
A Boxer at The National Dog Show, 2010.

Forget football — for dog lovers like us, the real must-see TV on Thanksgiving is the National Dog Show, presented by Purina and hosted by the Kennel Club of Philidelphia. This is a benched dog show, which means participating dogs remain on assigned benches or in assigned areas when they're not in the ring. Why is that special? Easy — it means that anybody at the show can meet the dogs, ask questions and interact with the show's stars! Although the Kennel Club of Philidelphia has been holding dog shows for more than 125 years, the National Dog Show Presented by Purina is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Ready for a fun fact? The National Dog Show was inspired by the movie Best in Show, a mockumentary produced by Christopher Guest that takes a humorous look at the characters — and we do mean characters — who make up the dog show world.

Catch the broadcast on NBC at noon EST Thanksgiving Day, but, in the meantime, you can check out highlights from last year's National Dog Show. Or, if you have a favorite breed or dog, NBC Sports has videos of each breed represented in the 2010 show.

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