5 Seemingly Silly Solutions a Vet Swears By

Litter Lore

I’m not trying to support litter and litterbox sales with these next two recommendations, but I honestly believe — and experience shows — that these ideas can improve your cat’s happiness (and yours, by extension) as well as reduce the risk that he'll start urinating outside the box.

We know that cats are private, territorial and insistent on cleanliness. That means that if you have more than one cat — and even if you have only one cat — you need more than one litterbox. A cat may choose to use one litterbox for pee and one for poop, or he may just prefer to go in the one that is clean and hasn’t been sullied by another cat. The rule of paw is one litterbox per cat, plus one more. Place them in different areas that are both convenient and private.

I also like to recommend that you offer your cat a choice of different types of litter to find out which one he likes the best or is most likely to use. Even if he chooses one that’s more expensive than you might like, it will pay off in the end because if he likes it, he’ll use it.

Running Water

Seriously? A pet fountain? You bet! Cats in particular are attracted by the splash and burble of fountains. That may be because they have difficulty seeing still water, according to my cat-tastic colleague Dr. Deb Greco.

The reason this is important is because cats often don’t drink enough water to stay fully hydrated, or they may suffer from kidney disease, which can compromise their hydration level, and that’s bad for their health. Anything we can do to get them to take in more water is a bonus. If you don’t want to spring for a fountain, try leaving a faucet on at a trickle so your cat can drink from it and dabble in it to his heart’s content.

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