Creating a Happy Multipet Household

Got a chaser? First, be sure your cat always has an escape route, whether that’s a ceiling-height cat condo or a sofa or bed he can scoot beneath. Teach your dog to always come when called — even if he’s chasing the cat. With the dog on leash, give him treats with the cat nearby so he will make positive associations with her presence.

If all else fails, separate the antagonists.

To avoid disputes over resources, be sure every animal has his own possessions: food and water bowls, bed, litterbox, toys. If two pets like the same toy or bed, buy more than one. Sharing isn’t a concept that cats and dogs understand.

Most important, spread the love around. Give each pet plenty of attention, and protect older or less assertive pets from pushy newcomers. With a little effort on your part, your pets can live in harmony.

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