Do Cats Like Horizontal Scratching Posts?

Teach Your Cat to Love the Post

When you get your scratchers home, put them where your cat will use them. Hiding them in the basement if your cat won’t use them there absolutely guarantees they’ll be a waste of your money. If your cat is attracted to the corner of your sofa, put double-sided tape mounted on cardboard on that corner and put the scratching post, tree or pad next to it. If your cat likes catnip, rub some fresh catnip on the scratching post and praise him for using it. You can also play some games with him there, such as with a cat-fisher toy.

Once your cat is using the scratching place you want rather than your couch, you can very slowly — as in a foot or so a week — move the scratcher to the location of your choice. But if you look at some of the fantastic designs available today in cat furniture, you may be happy leaving it proudly on display.

Whatever you do, don’t give your cat one tiny scratching post and call it a day. The more places your cat is allowed and encouraged to scratch, the more he’s likely to use them — and the less likely he’ll be to scratch what you don’t want him to touch.


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