Help Your Sick or Senior Pet Feel Better

We know our pets are enjoying life when they greet us and welcome petting or other interactions. If your dog or cat seems depressed or anxious or shrinks from your touch, ask yourself if there have been any household changes that could be causing the problem. Dogs and cats like routines, especially when they are older, so try to keep them on a regular schedule of meals and activities. If a sick pet has been isolated because he needs to rest but is normally social, try moving his bed or crate to an area where he’ll feel more involved in family goings-on (as long as he's not contagious to other pets). Conversely, make sure he has a quiet place to recuperate if he’s more of a loner.

Don’t forget that physical problems such as osteoarthritis or hip dysplasia could cause your pet to suddenly dislike being touched. Ask your veterinarian about pain-relief medications that can help.

Helping your dog or cat out in any of these areas can give a big boost to his quality of life. It’s special for me to be able to help you do that, and I know it will be extra special for you when your pet once again expresses joy and interest in life.


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