How Can I Keep the Neighbor's Cat Out of My Yard?

Change Your Cat's View

If neither talking to the neighbor nor setting up a sprinkler will work, you can modify your house to reduce your own cat’s reactions. If possible, keep the window coverings closed so your cat can’t see the offending cat walk by; if the view is from one room only (such as a bedroom), keep the door to that room closed to keep your cat out and away from the window. I’d also recommend using pheromones to reduce your cat’s stress and reactivity. A Feliway room diffuser can help keep your cat calm.

I hope one of these suggestions — or a combination of them — will help. But one final, extremely important note: If, despite all your efforts, your cat does become agitated at the sight of the neighbor cat, let him cool down on his own — do not attempt to pick him up or approach him. That’s because an angry, agitated cat can easily attack the person who’s trying to help. This is called “redirected aggression,” and it’s a normal, albeit unpleasant, behavior. Leave your cat alone or you might be bitten or scratched.

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