How Can I Tell If My Cat Likes Me?

Holding eye contact and sharing a blink. Cats find eye contact uncomfortable, but they’ll make it and hold it with people they know, like and trust, like you! When you have eye contact with your cat, if you can slowly blink and see her blink too, then you’ve just been kissed, kitty-style. That doesn’t happen to everyone, and if your cat will do it for you, it's a sign that you’re special to her.

Bringing you presents. If your cat hunts you may have seen pieces of her prey — a mouse head here, or a grasshopper body there — left in places where you could find them, such as on your pillow. It’s not some Godfather-style threat to find a mouse head in your bed, though. It’s your cat, looking out for you. She doesn’t know that you don’t eat mice, and she can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to — they’re delicious!

Purring. I'll bet you knew this one already. Purring is a sign of friendliness, and that’s why most people are familiar with this particular sign of cat affection. But cats will also purr when they’re injured or even dying, leading feline experts to say that it’s more like a smile, sometimes loving, sometimes pleading, and always self-settling. Yes, that’s all true, but it’s also true that there’s a special kind of purr saved for loved ones, a deep, full-bodied rumble that couldn’t say “I love you” more.

See? It’s all pretty subtle, but I bet now that you know the signs, you can see that your cat has been sending them all along!

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