How to Handle Feline Fear Aggression

If possible, take your cat to the veterinarian for practice visits that involve only petting and treats from the staff — nothing frightening or painful. This can help her relax when you take her in for her actual checkup.

Before a visit to the veterinarian, prime the carrier with a feline pheromone spray or wipe. Pheromones can help your cat relax. If your cat is extremely anxious or fearful at the veterinary clinic, ask your vet about calming medications that you can administer beforehand.

At the veterinary clinic, consider asking if you and your cat can wait in the car until you can take her straight into the exam room. Needless to say, keep the air conditioning or heat (as appropriate) going so you both stay comfortable. If you can't wait in the car, place a thin towel over the carrier to prevent direct eye contact between other pets in the waiting room and your cat. In either case, as you make the journey from car to clinic, hold the carrier securely against your chest instead of letting it dangle. That’s more comfortable — and less frightening — for your cat.

When you make your appointment, ask the receptionist to build in an extra 10 minutes at the beginning so your cat has time to adjust to the surroundings before the vet tech and veterinarian enter the room.

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