How to Help Outdoor Cats Stay Warm and Safe in Winter Weather

Safe Starts

Like I always say, knock, knock on the hood before starting your car. Outdoor cats often seek shelter in warm car engines, and they can be shredded if you start your car without checking for their presence. Bang on the hood a couple of times and honk your horn to startle any sheltering felines, and make sure they are safely out of the way before you start the engine.

Watch for antifreeze drips as well. The sweet liquid is highly toxic to cats. Lapping up just a small amount, as little as a teaspoon, can kill a cat. Wipe up antifreeze spills right away to protect your own pets and any outdoor cats who may come across them.

For more ideas on how to help outdoor cats stay safe and warm, check out the tips from the folks at Neighborhood Cats and the ASPCA.

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