Is It OK to Let My Kitten Sleep in My Bed?

Your kitten is still small. Your kitten's size is a factor, too. A small kitten could injure himself if he jumps or falls off the bed. Or he could be hurt if you or your spouse roll over on him accidentally. Wait until he’s of a size to make that an unlikely risk. My main rule of thumb is to wait until the kitten is old enough to get up on the bed on his own — typically around his 6-month birthday.

Cats like to sleep up high. When they’re on the bed, that might mean on top of your head. It’s not all that comfortable, and it could be an issue if you or your spouse is prone to allergies. (And keep in mind that if one member of the family has allergies or asthma, it’s best to make that person’s bedroom completely off limits to the cat.) Once your kitten is allowed on the bed, decide where you want your kitten to sleep and make it attractive to him by folding a soft blanket and placing it there.

If you want to share sleep time with your cat while still maintaining separate spaces, consider placing a tall cat tree with some nice nooks and ledges where he can hole up at night. Just beware of a feline dive bomber at breakfast time.

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