New Nonsurgical Neutering Option Makes Sterilization Simple

In the United States, shelters will have the most to gain from this promising development, and that possibility excited me even more than learning something new. Believe me, I like learning so much that it’s hard to top it. But helping animals in shelters? You'd better believe I'm behind that.

Cost Savings for Shelters

Ark Sciences, the company that is bringing Zeuterin to North American pets, has been training veterinarians in the procedure and looks to have full FDA approval for dogs over 3 months of age in mid-2013. As you might imagine, this shot at population control without surgery is expected to offer shelters substantial savings.

That makes Zeuterin far more than a shot in the dark, in my estimation. It’s a game changer, so much so that I’ve done something I rarely do: I’ve endorsed it.

Watch for it this year.


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