No Petting, Please: Speak Up for Your Dog

Dr. Reisner likes the idea of a using a yellow ribbon to remind people to stay back, but cautions that it will take a while to catch on. “If you mentioned the [Yellow Dog Project] to the average Joe, they’ve never heard of it, and that's true of many veterinarians as well,” she said.

Dr. Reisner is right, but that doesn't mean the yellow ribbon isn't a help. A yellow ribbon on your dog’s leash may motivate someone to ask questions, which gives you an opportunity to explain about your dog. The ribbon offers an opportunity to tell them that your dog doesn't like to be petted or touched, and helps to spreads the word about the Yellow Dog Project.

In the end, while I agree with Dr. Reisner that the yellow ribbon idea is a good one, you still have to take responsibility for speaking up for your dog. Your pet's life may never be fear-free, but it can certainly be less stressful if you’re looking out for your dog at all times.


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