Should We Worry About Our Cat's Acne?

Cat face closeup

Q. Our cat gets what look like pimples on her chin. Is this anything we should worry about?

A. No, you don’t need to worry about it, but you should take steps to address the problem regardless.

In many cases, the problem is your cat’s food bowl. Some cats are sensitive to plastic in bowls; it is possible that just switching to a stainless steel or ceramic bowl will clear up your cat's chin. Other cats may need other remedies, which your veterinarian can help you with.

Although most classic acne cases occur in cats who are simply not good chin groomers, there are other possibilities, including mites, ringworm and various allergies. If switching the bowl doesn't work, washing the area frequently may, or medications may be needed to clear things up. In any case, it’s likely a minor problem that your veterinarian will be happy to help you resolve.

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