What Can I Do About My Cat's Greasy Coat?

Cat with greasy fur

Q. My cat's coat is really greasy and full of dandruff. Is there something I can give her to make her coat better?

A. Yes, you need to add a dash of "visit the veterinarian" to her diet!

Greasy skin and coat in a cat, with or without dandruff, can be caused by a number of diseases and conditions, from those that are fairly easy to diagnose and treat to something potentially life-threatening.

Greasy skin and dandruff can be caused by the cat being too obese to groom herself properly, or because she has arthritis or an injury that makes it painful to do so. They can be caused by parasites or even ringworm, or they can be a sign of feline hyperthyroidism, an overproduction of thyroid hormone.

So before you try to change her diet, get a complete veterinary exam and find out what's causing the problem. Without a correct diagnosis, you're wasting your time guessing at treatments that may not work. Meanwhile, you're not addressing the underlying cause that's making your cat sick.


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