Why We Love Cats

Next, the way cats say “I love you” is by leaving mice on our pillows. True, we veterinarians these days tend to advise keeping cats inside, where they’re more likely to find catnip mice than real ones. But that doesn’t diminish their generosity one bit: If your cat could leave a dead mouse on your pillow for you, you know he would. Because you’re just that special.

And how about the way our cats make us detail-oriented? No one who loves a cat ever leaves for work or welcomes a guest without a quick check for the fur lovingly and carefully shed over every piece of clothing and furniture in the house. Is it any surprise that one of the most used items in any veterinary hospital is a lint roller, used to grab migratory cat hair?

You Can Trust Your Cat's Judgment

When you share your life with pets, you want to make sure that anyone you’re considering as a life partner loves them as much as you do. Cats make this easy by always knowing — and heading straight for — the one person in a room full of people who doesn’t like them. Strike that person from your list of potential dates, and give thanks to your cat for saving you the hassle of a nasty breakup later.

And, finally, how about the feline flair for home design? Has any other pet inspired anything like the Cats' House in San Diego? Hidden litterboxes, hanging plants and even cat perches that climb up the wall! And if you don’t choose properly with a good cat tree in just the right spot, your cat will set you right by shredding the corner of the ill-placed couch you put there instead.

You know I’m kidding, right? Well, kind of. Because the fact is that cats are so special, so appealing and so very inspiring and loving as family members that we (for the most part) forgive, forget or ignore any challenges that come with sharing our lives with them. Because we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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