Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers for Dogs, Cats and You

Huge, elaborately wrapped gifts have their place beneath the tree, but there’s something special about stocking stuffers. It takes real thought to pick out a perfect present on a budget—even when said present is for Fido or Fluffy.

As pet product experts, we keep our eyes peeled for great little gifts all year round, and this is the perfect time of year to share our favorite finds. From tasty dog treats to a book that’ll have you rethinking your cat-friendly decor, we’ve got something for everyone on your list this holiday season, whether you’re shopping for a four-legged friend or a human companion.

Stocking Stuffers 2014 Gift Guide

dog fleece

Credit: Gold Paw

Who says a new coat for your pooch has to cost a bundle? This stretch fleece from Gold Paw starts at just $18 (and goes up to $34 for giant breed) but feels so soft your pooch will suspect you splurged. It washes well, stretches to accommodate even the most barrel-chested breeds, and comes in 15 sizes and 12 colors.

Gold Paw stretch fleece, $18

wand cat toy

Credit: Petmate

Playtime isn’t just for puppies! Give your cat a reason to abandon the empty boxes with an air prey wand. It’s made to engage your kitty’s hunting instincts, but it’s cleverly designed to avoid tangles. And, if your cat really loves her new toy, you can bring in other toys to attach to the wand.

Petmate Jackson Galaxy Collection air prey wand, $15

dog collar

Credit: Dublin Dog

You can’t go wrong with the collars in the Koa Collection from Dublin Dog. They come in a variety of fish and fishing-related patterns, but even if you're not a fisherman, you're sure to appreciate the beautiful designs. Plus, they're made with “no-stink” waterproof technology, so they are the perfect gift for the dog of any outdoorsman. 

Dublin Dog Koa Collection collars, $28-$30

cat toy fortune cookies

Credit: Up Country

Up Country is a company known for whimsical and brightly colored designs on everything from collars to doormats, but these Christmas fortune cookie cat toys are the product that really caught our eye. They are made with 100 percent certified organic catnip, cuddly fleece, crackle material and a squeaker, so they’re likely to appeal to many a playful kitty. Plus, materials are nontoxic and seams are reinforced.

Up Country Christmas catnip fortune cookie cat toys, $10


Credit: Amazon

For the cat owner who loves her cats as much as her custom cabinets, Catification, a New York Times best-seller, is a perfect pick. Cat behavior expert Jackson Galaxy teams up with cat-friendly style expert Kate Benjamin to provide a book full of gorgeous pictures and fantastic tips for creating a feline-friendly home that doesn't skimp on style. And there's something for any home (and any budget). May we recommend including a bookmark offering your services for the DIY project of the recipient’s choice?

Catification, $12.90

dog toy christmas bulb

Credit: Planet Dog

For a treat with a festive side, you've got to love Planet Dog’s holiday toys, especially the Bulb. There’s a treat spot within the toy to stuff with something tasty, and the toy itself earned three out of five “chompers,” meaning it’s a good choice for average chewers (although, as with all dog toys, you should supervise your pup’s chewing activities to be safe). It’s also buoyant, nontoxic, recyclable and made in the USA, plus its minty scent keeps it from smelling like dog breath.

Planet Dog's Bulb toy, $12.95

Mini Dog Treats

Credit: Zuke's

Your good dog deserves a snack he’ll love, and Zuke’s Mini Naturals is a terrific pick. The size is just right for stuffing, whether in a stocking or a puzzle toy, and some of the ingredients (cherries and rosemary!) sound pretty appetizing. The small size is great for training, too, so you can feel good about giving your pup an extra treat or two for his good manners during Christmas dinner.

Zuke's Mini Naturals, $5.79

TrackR Bravo tracking tag

Credit: TrackR Bravo

The TrackR bravo is a coin-size tracking device for pets (or anything, really) that's just $29, and though it's not technically available until January, we're seeing so much about it that we felt it was worth including here, even if all you can do is stuff the recipient's stocking with a note saying it's been preordered. The companion app works with both iPhone and Android platforms. There are, however, a few limitations. You must be within a certain range for the device to register with the app, but there's also crowdsourcing functionality, so even if your dog has wandered far away, if another TrackR user is within 100 feet of him, you get a GPS location on your phone.

TrackR Bravo, $29

reindeer toy

Credit: West Paw Design

Sweet and seasonal, this reindeer dog toy from West Paw Design is made of fabric left over from the company’s Big Sky Blanket material, giving it an ecofriendly edge. It’s soft but sturdy, with recycled fiber fill and a squeaker sewn in, and comes in red or green. (As always, keep an eye on your dog while he plays — or cuddles — with this festive toy.) 

West Paw Design Big Sky Reindeer, $19.95

custom iPhone case

Credit: Chief Furry Officer

If dog is man’s best friend, the smartphone might come in second. And since it seems like almost everyone is upgrading to the hot new phablets, why not provide them with some tech protection featuring a friendly face? These padded covers from Chief Furry Officer are available in sizes that fit many smartphones, including the new iPhone 6, and can be customized with a treasured pet picture, allowing the recipient to feel a little closer to his or her favorite furry companion, even while playing Doge2048.

Chief Furry Officer custom padded smartphone covers, $29.95

Twigo dog tag

Credit: Twigo

It might be the time of year for jingle bells, but that doesn’t mean you want to hear your pet’s tags jingling down the hall at 4 a.m. Twigo pet ID tags are made with a durable — but silent! — material, come in 12 fun styles, are a cinch to customize, and loop onto any collar with ease.

Twigo pet ID tags, $10

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