10 Adorable Pets Snuggling Under the Covers

We humans know that the best way to stay warm on a cold winter's eve is to curl up by the fire under a warm blanket. As evidenced by these cozy-looking Facebook submissions, our four-legged friends are quickly catching on (or just particularly patient as their owners drape them in blankets).

10 Blanket-Loving Dogs and Cats


Facebook via Wendy Gray


This pale green throw draped over Kisses is not only warm and fuzzy, it also matches the kitty's stunning eyes.


Facebook via Cheryl Swanson


Not only is a crate a good way to make your pup feel safe and comfortable, but as Bailey proves, crates are a great place to hide under a blanket.

Facebook via Susan Bickta


There's something artsy and beautiful about the way Baxter is swathed in that golden fabric.

Facebook via Betty Shelton


What's that peeking out from beneath the festive teddy bear and striped throw? Surprise! It's Brinkley, wearing a shiny red bow.

Facebook via Christina Tibbetts


Dusty sure looks warm and cozy under that lovely quilt.

Facebook via Grace Merriken


Have you ever seen a cuter Dachshund lying on a blanket? We bet Ginger gets away with everything with those gorgeous puppy dog eyes!

Facebook via Tyler Harmon

Mittens and a Baby Goat

We love it when animals that normally wouldn't interact become friends. We are overjoyed to see Mittens the cat giving the swaddled baby goat a friendly hello.


Facebook via Alysha Yeager


Outlaw, it's criminal how cute you look enveloped in that blanket.

Pnut Pants

Facebook via Terry Jackson

Pnut Pants

All we know about cutie-pie Pnut Pants is that he has two eyes and a nose. What's beneath that comforter... is a mystery.

Facebook via Kristine Mitchell-Pawela


Rocky we're  jealous. Not only are you under a soft, warm comforter, you also get to snooze on a big fluffy pillow and a comfy-looking couch.


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