5 Must-Have Health and Wellness Products From Global Pet Expo 2012

Love, snuggles and tasty treats may make your pet sublimely happy, but these health and wellness products from Global Pet Expo 2012 will help him live his best life.

Vet-Approved Pet Health Products You Can Use at Home


Kristen Seymour

Sergeant's Sentry Medi-Wraps

It's never fun when you have to resort to shoving medication down your dog's throat. But here's another option: Sergeant's Sentry Medi-Wraps. This new take on the traditional pill pocket can be molded around the pill, turning bad-tasting medicine into a treat; $3.39.


Kristen Seymour

PetSafe Drinkwell Indoor/Outdoor Fountain

PetSafe Drinkwell's original fountain was developed by a vet with your pet's health in mind — and now the company has an indoor/outdoor version that holds three gallons of filtered water. The opaque reservoir prevents algae from growing if the fountain is exposed to direct sunlight, and there's also a system that pushes water toward the filter to keep dirt and debris from settling at the bottom; $119.99.

Bloat Blocker


Pet Projekt Bloat Blocker

Some pet owners joke about how quickly their dogs wolf down their food, but the behavior may lead to a serious medical condition known as bloat. Pet Projekt's Bloat Blocker, which attaches to all standard bowls, can make your dog tilt his head to eat and drink from the side, slowing down his gulping, which some believe may prevent the condition; from $10.

Nanotech Bed


Dog Gone Smart Nanosuede Rectangle Beds

There's no denying it: Dogs get dirty. But the fabric used for Dog Gone Smart's new nanosuede rectangle beds (available in three sizes and a trio of colors) is bluesign standard-approved, so it fully repels everything. No, really — think water, mud, dirt and even bacteria; from $84.

PawFlex Bandages Outdoor Series


PawFlex Bandages Outdoor Series

Anyone who's ever tried to cover a paw wound knows just how challenging it can be to keep a bandage in place when a pet goes outside. Enter the PawFlex MediMitt Bandage. It has no front or back, so it can cover a boo-boo anywhere on the paw — and the PawFlex MediMitt protective cover envelops the bandage, keeping it clean and dry; from $9.

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