Busch Gardens Welcomes Cape Buffalo Calf

Credit: Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
Officials at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay describe the calf as "playful and explorative."

Busch Garden Tampa Bay's Serengeti Plain just got considerably cuter with a new baby. On September 21, a female Cape buffalo was born to mother Semara. It's not just Mama watching out for this new baby — Cape buffalos are known as very social creatures, even sleeping with their heads on top of one another. And what heads they are. According to the park, the calf weighed 45 pounds at birth and is now 75 pounds. And that's just the beginning — full-grown Cape buffalos weigh as much as 2,000 pounds.

The calf can be seen from the park's Rhino Rally, Skyride or Serengeti Express train rides.

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