Cutest Pets of Halloween 2011

Vetstreet readers submitted photos of their cats, dogs and horses (!) decked out in Halloween gear. It was tough to pick our favorite but somehow we muddled through and selected our top 10 — you'll have to click through to the end to see our pick for cutest Halloween pet of 2011. Go to our Facebook page to see all of the submissions.

Costumed Cats, Dogs and Horses

Facebook via Malia Rouse

10. Howie in Harley Davidson Gear

We have to admit that Howie totally rocks his Harley Davidson attire. He manages to look both adorable and fierce!

Ginger the Squirrel

Facebook via Sharon Aldridge Sleighter

9. Ginger the Squirrel

Do you think it confused Ginger when everyone kept yelling,  "Squirrel!" while she was in costume? We just hope they didn't put her in front of a mirror — talk about an identity crisis. We kid; we kid. And we wish we had that costume for our dogs.

Scrappy the Witch

Facebook via Amy Aanstad

8. Scrappy the Princess

Scrappy's owner tells us that she kept very busy "checking on her royal pumpkins." Being a princess is clearly hard work.

Facebook via Candi Spencer

7. Buckley and Griffyn the Skeletons

Buckley and Griffyn might be trying to be spooky with their skull and crossbones and skeleton costumes, but with those faces, we just think they're cute. Sorry, guys.

Facebook via Krista Carila

6. Aby the Grapes

Eating grapes might be a bad idea for dogs, but dressing like grapes is obviously a tremendous idea, as evidenced here by the adorable Aby.

Facebook via Vanessa Huizar

5. Harley the Unicorn

Being an enchanted creature and carrying a princess on your back sure is exhausting, isn't it, Harley? We hope some extra treats magically appeared in his bowl for this adorable effort.

Facebook via Brenda Troup

4. Vito as Miss Piggy

We love it, and we also want to know how quickly Vito's owner had to snap this picture before that nose came off.

Facebook via Beth Thompson

3. Gigi the Fairy

The only wish we'd ask Gigi the Fairy to grant is to snuggle with us. We get the feeling this sweetie pie would gladly oblige.

Facebook via Lucca Bratzi

2. Cat Dressed as Chicken

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a cat dressed as a chicken! And it's one of the best things we've ever seen!

Facebook via Bon-Bon

1. Bon-Bon the Mini Horse as a Hula Dancer

Bon-Bon the mini horse belongs on the Big Island in this outfit. The attention to detail — look at the footie flowers! — got our attention and earned Bon-Bon the title of Cute Pet of the Week. Congrats, Bon-Bon!

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