Pet Scoop: Daniel the Beagle Has a New Home, U.S. Soldiers Reunited With Afghan Strays

Daniel the Beagle's new home

Good News for “Miracle Dog” Daniel It’s a happy ending for Daniel, the stray Beagle mix who, against all odds, survived an Alabama gas chamber. The New Jersey-based Eleventh-Hour Rescue group brought him to the Garden State and found a home for him with a family that has four other rescue dogs who are now Daniel’s new friends. Daniel will be used as a mascot to outlaw gas chambers and encourage adoptions, but "his life as a part of this family is paramount,” said his new owner. -- Read it at the New Jersey Star-Ledger

Prison Cats Need New Homes

More often, you hear about attempts to escape prison. But as many as 80 cats have burrowed into a South Florida prison, where inmates broke the rules to feed them. Now, Belle Glade is closing, and animal control officers are trying to find homes for the state-run prison’s feline residents. -- Read it at the Huffington Post

Five Rare Wild Cat Species Caught on Camera

A World Wildlife Federation survey highlighted the need to protect the habitat of the seven wild cat species on Indonesia’s Sumatra island, which is being cleared for industrial logging and paper. Camera traps captured photos of five of the species in a single area including the Sumatran tiger, Sunda clouded leopard, marble cat, Asian golden cat, and leopard cat. Four of which are on the endangered list. -- Read it at Science Daily

Soldiers reunited with dogs from Afghanistan
CBS New York

Troops Reunite With Beloved Canines From Afghanistan Fourteen stray dogs from Afghanistan had an emotional reunion at JFK International Airport with the U.S. troops who saved them. “I’ve been home for 2 months and I’ve been waiting for him ever since,” said Petty Officer Zachary Henning as he was reunited with his dog, Gus. Specialist Sheila Schaffer told CBS New York that the dogs often help soldiers who are suffering from depression. “It doesn’t have to be a physical save, it’s a spiritual save.” -- Read it at CBS New York

Plus:With financial support from the federal government, West Virginia University will study the effects of dogs on post-traumatic stress. Researchers hope to find that service dogs can help veterans who are battling PTSD return to the workforce. -- Read it at WVU’s Daily Athenaeum

Beagles Hired to Sniff Out Bed Bugs

New York’s Department of Housing and Preservation has two new members of its workforce: Beagles Mickey and Nemo. The two come with “highly-trained” sniffers to route out bed bugs, which have been a growing problem in the city. -- Read it at The New York Observer

“Sexiest Man Alive” Bradley Cooper Loves His Dog

Is it actor Bradley Cooper’s love for dogs that makes him People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive? Well, it’s at least part of his appeal, according to People. Click through the gallery to see Cooper with his true love, Charlotte the dog. -- See photos at People Pets

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