Pet Scoop: Rhino Subspecies Listed as Extinct, Penguins Waddle Into New Home

November 11, 2011: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Black rhinos

Western Black Rhinos Declared Extinct A subspecies of the western black rhinoceros is now extinct, and the northern white rhino is "possibly extinct in the wild," according to a new Red List by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. Rhinoceros have suffered due to poachers, who can make thousands of dollars on the black market for their massive horns. -- Read it at Discovery News

Hero the Dog Visits Fallen Soldier’s Grave

In 2007, Justin Rollins’ family succeeded in a herculean effort to bring home a puppy that the soldier had fallen in love with just before he was killed in Iraq. This year, the New Hampshire family was able to bring Hero the dog with them to visit Justin’s grave in Arlington National Ceremony in honor of Veteran’s Day. “I feel like we’re all together here,” said the soldier’s mother, as she sat with Hero by her son’s headstone. -- Read it at the Washington Post

Six Penguins Get a New Home at San Francisco Zoo

The zoo’s new residents were among a group of hundreds of Magellanic penguins rescued in Brazil three years ago. They’ve now waddles into the largest collection of penguins at any zoo in the world. -- See photos at the Huffington Post

Puppies pile on kitten

Puppies Pile on Kitten

Tails wagging the whole time, a pack of puppies tag teams one poor kitten, before the feline manages to outrun them in this cute video. -- Watch it at People Pets

Do These Monkeys Hold the Key to Weight Loss?

A new study found that an experimental drug targeting and killing fat cells in the blood helped obese monkeys to shed the pounds. The drug could now move into clinical trials for humans. -- Read it at USA Today

Panda Caught Peeing on Napping Pal

This panda has one naughty sense of humor. A zoo visitor caught one panda peeing on another in an enclosure as onlookers laughed (and videotaped). The stunned panda sits up and gives a smoldering look around … and then goes back to sleep. -- Watch it at the Huffington Post

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