Pet Scoop: Tiger Twins Debut at a German Zoo, Dog Saves His Elderly Owner

November 22, 2011: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Tiger twin cubs
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These tiger twins were born at a zoo in eastern Germany.

Tiger Cubs Steal the Show Two sisters, who were born at the end of September, made their debut to an adoring public this week at a zoo in Magdeburg, Germany. — See more photos at Today, and see video of the Sydney Zoo’s tiger cubs

Plus: Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo announced that an endangered Western Lowland Gorilla was born last week. The female’s mom, Bana, is 15, and dad, Kwan, is 22. — Read it at ABC News

Elderly Woman Credits Her Dog (and a Mailman) With Saving Her Life

Erma Iverson, a 79-year-old Minnesota woman, was stuck on the ground outside of her home for 20 hours after she fell and couldn’t get up. Iverson said that her dog, Crackers, stayed by her side — and chased away coyotes and raccoons throughout the long night. The next afternoon, a postal carrier found Iverson on the ground and got help. — Read it at the West Central Tribune

Yellowstone Officials Discuss Ways to Cull Big Bison Herds

Documents show that Yellowstone National Park officials are considering the idea of “selective culls” to decrease the park's bison population from 3,700 to 3,000. Some of the culling could happen through hunting, and some of the animals could be shipped elsewhere under the proposal. — Read it at The New York Times

New York is Abuzz With a New Bee Species

The American Museum of Natural History announced 11 new species of bees — including four types based in the New York metro area. — Read it at Discovery News

Betty White

Betty White Has a Secret Crush

The actress talks to NBC’s Ann Curry about how animals have shaped her life. Betty White even opens up about an orangutan named Bruno. “We’ve got a crush on each other,” she said. White has a new book about her passion for animals, Betty & Friends: My Life at the Zoo. — Watch it at Today

Owner Gets Back His Stolen SUV — and His Captive Dog

Authorities said Cody, a 10-month-old yellow Labrador Retriever, was in the back seat of his owner’s Ford Escape when it was stolen from a Chicago-area parking lot. Cody was apparently in the SUV throughout the day while the alleged thief used the vehicle to shoplift before crashing into a tree during a police chase. The brave pooch was reunited with his owner that night. — Read it at the Chicago Tribune

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