Pet Scoop: Yorkie Saved After Freeway Chase, Study Finds That Chimps Play Like Children

November 18, 2011: We've scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it's all right here.

Yorkie on Arizona freeway
ABC 15
This Yorkie gave chase on an Arizona highway until a police officer nabbed the little pup.

Cop Saves a Small Dog on an Arizona Highway When a vehicle rolled over during rush hour, a frightened dog escaped and took off running, darting in and out of traffic. A local TV station captured the efforts of a Good Samaritan and police officers on motorcycles to catch the Yorkie. An officer finally managed to wrangle the tiny pooch — and suffered a bite from the frightened dog in the process. The Yorkie, its owner and another dog who also ran away from the vehicle are all safe and sound. — Watch it at ABC 15

Dog Breaks World Record for Most Photos Snapped With Celebrities

This canine knows how to work an A-list crowd. Lucky the Maltese has been photographed with 363 stars, including Bill Clinton, Kim Kardashian and Hugh Hefner, earning her a Guinness World Record title of Animal Most Photographed With Celebrities. — Read it at People Pets

Study Finds That Chimps Play Just Like Children

When it comes to early development, researchers report that young chimpanzees have a lot in common with their human counterparts, including how they play. As the animals grew up, scientists observed that the way chimps played became more complex and interactive. — Read it at Science Daily

Beluga whale at Georgia Aquarium

Beluga Whale at the Georgia Aquarium is Expecting Maris, a 17-year-old Beluga whale at the Georgia Aquarium, will be closely monitored during her pregnancy, which will last more than a year. According to veterinarians, first-time pregnancies are often unsuccessful for Beluga whales. — Watch it at Today

Kitten Survives a Whirl in a Washing Machine

Scampi gave his owner quite the scare when she realized that the 8-week-old kitty had climbed into the washing machine while she was loading it. "He is completely back to normal . . . he is just so lucky,” his owner told the Telegraph. — Read it at the Telegraph

Selena Gomez’s Dog is "Healthy" Following a Rocky Scare

The star made headlines when she adopted Baylor, a Husky mix, from a Canadian shelter last month. Last week, Gomez posted on Twitter that Baylor was hospitalized, and there was speculation that he'd swallowed rocks. Gomez’s rep says the "happy, healthy pup" is now back at home. — Read it at People Pets

How to Prevent Feline Behavior Problems by Thinking Like a Cat

Pam Johnson-Bennett, a cat behavior consultant and author of Think Like a Cat, gives tips for keeping your feline friends happy. — Read it at USA Today

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