Vetstreet Newsflash - Friday, September 9

Here's a roundup of some of the more interesting, inspiring and, yes, even enraging stories we've found on the web today including some from our own site!

Evan Moss Holding His Seizure Dog Book
Courtesy of Lisa Moss
Evan shows off his best-selling book.

7-Year-Old Boy Writes Book to Raise Money for His Own Service Dog, Vetstreet

Evan Moss has suffered life-threatening seizures since birth. Though Evan's parents were overjoyed to learn that a seizure alert dog could help their son lead a more normal life, they weren't sure how they would pay for one. Luckily, Evan had an idea. After self-publishing Evan's illustrated book, "My Seizure Dog," the family has raised enough money not only for Evan's seizure dog, but also cash to help other families in the same position.

UK Woman Who Spent $31,000 on Her Dog's Wedding Finds a Man Willing to Embrace Her Yorkies as Much as She Does, Daily Mail

Famous for spending $150k on her three Yorkshire Terriers and $31k on a wedding for just one of them, Louise Harris has finally found a man who accepts her quirky canine obsession. The new boyfriend — UK TV personality Dan Hill — has quickly bonded with Harris' only male dog, Larry. The two actually wear matching t-shirts, jackets and tuxes.

The Many Faces of 9/11 Hero Dogs, Vetstreet

In this article, our own Liz Ozaist takes a look back at some of the often-overlooked heroes of 9/11 — dogs. Whether they were among the 300 search-and-rescue dogs working at Ground Zero, the therapy dogs that comforted 9/11 survivors or pets who helped grieving family members cope with their tremendous losses, these canines all played an important role in the healing process

Veteran and His Service Dog Thrown Out of Restaurant, Standard-Examiner

Don Smith has an anxiety disorder and says he can't function in society without his dog. With his psychologist's endorsement, Smith was able to register his Chihuahua/Jack Russell named Junior as a service dog. However, Don and Junior were recently asked to leave a local cafe, despite Don's protests that he's allowed to bring his dog inside restaurants under the American With Disabilities Act. When police arrived, they too asked Smith and Junior to find another place to eat.

New Photo Book 'Retrieved' Honors 9/11 Search-and-Rescue Dogs, Vetstreet

In her new book, Dutch photographer Charlotte Dumas pays homage to 15 of the canine first responders who helped search-and-rescue teams comb through the rubble in the days after 9/11. Dumas followed canine heroes across the country to capture touching images and find out what they've been up to since their all-important work at Ground Zero. Check out the slide show.

Whoopi Goldberg Shares How She and Her Famous Rescue Kitten, Vinny, Weathered Hurricane Irene in Basement, People

This week on "The View," Goldberg brought her friends up to speed on the life and times of her rescue cat, Vinny, whom she recently adopted after the cute gray kitten was thrown off NYC's Verrazano Bridge. According to the actress, Vinny seemed anxious about the oncoming storm and sought refuge in the basement with Goldberg's other cat, Oliver.

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