Vetstreet Newsflash - Monday, September 12

Here's a roundup of some of the more interesting and inspiring stories we've found on the web today — including favorites from our own site.

Dog on couch

Why You Shouldn't Allow Your Dog to Become a Couch Potato, Vetstreet

Though there's nothing more relaxing than lazing around with your pooch, too much of it can result in a trifecta of dog health issues, including bad behavior brought on by boredom, excess weight and other potentially significant problems. Dr. Marty Becker explains why an active dog is a happier, healthier dog.

9/11 Rescue Dogs Honored With Parade, New Jersey Ledger

Alongside the ceremonies to honor the human heroes of 9/11, parade-goers at Liberty State Park showed their appreciation for the search-and-rescue dogs who worked at Ground Zero. The event included a march of dogs along the promenade overlooking the Statue of Liberty and the World Trade Center site, along with awards for rescue dogs and handlers who died in the line of duty.

Dog Surfing Competition Postponed Due to Blackout, Los Angeles Times

If you ever wanted to watch a dog hang ten on a killer wave, San Diego is the place to be September 25. Billed as America's premiere dog surf-a-thon, the annual competition was rescheduled after last week's electricity blackout caused a sewage spill near Dog Beach. But howl not, all your favorite surfing canines — including Riccochet, Nany, Dozer and Buddy — will ride the waves later this month.

Baby Emperor Penguin Born at China Zoo, People

For a daily dose of adorable, check out the photo of a baby emperor penguin snuggling comfortably under its mother's warm belly. The week-old baby, born at a zoo in China's Liaoning province, just had to peek out to see what was going on.

U.S. Making Progress in Pet Overpopulation Problem, Kansas City Infozine

There's good news in the fight against pet overpopulation. Since the Humane Society began tracking such numbers in 1970, the number of household pets in the United States has doubled, while the number of pets euthanized has been slashed by at least 75 percent. But, as you'll read in the next post, there is stll a long way to go.

Ground Zero Kitten 10 Years Later, Forbes

In this article, writer and pet rescue volunteer Kiri Blakely shares the story of a kitten rescued by a firefighter working at Ground Zero. Although the kitten was born after 9/11, the simple fact that the gray and white cat was found at the site put her in high demand with potential adopters. Blakely laments that people flock to rescue pets with interesting stories while millions more animals go homeless.

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