Vetstreet Newsflash: September 21

Cat walking near train


‘He’s One of a Kind’

Each day, Graeme the cat escorts his owner, Nicole Weinrich, to her Melbourne, Australia, commuter train station and is waiting on the platform for her when she returns. “He always seems to know which train carriage I am on and will be sitting there behind the yellow line when the doors open,” she told a newspaper. — Watch the video at the Huffington Post

PETA Plans to Launch Porn Site

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has found a new way to gain attention for its animal rights and vegan diet message: a XXX site. The group, which often uses nudity in its messaging, will feature graphic videos and photos on the site, a spokesperson says. But at least one marketing professor says the plan might backfire. — Read it at MSNBC

Hero Rabbit Saves Owners From Fire

An Alaskan homeowner credits her pet rabbit with saving her life. She woke up early Tuesday morning when the rabbit was scratching at her chest and found her home full of smoke. She woke up her daughter and fled uninjured, but her pet wasn’t as lucky. It succumbed to smoke inhalation. — Read it at Reuters

Rabbit sitting in grass


Dog Sitter’s Shortcut Leads to Criminal Charges

A 29-year-old Colorado woman allegedly took laziness to new heights — and may soon pay for it. Joan Renee Zalk is accused of making the Chihuahua she was taking care of run alongside her Toyota Camry while she drove at 10 to 15 mph. Now she faces animal cruelty and felony menacing charges. — Read it at Yahoo!

Happy Ending for Rare Baby Seal

A seal pup born with reddish brown hair, blue eyes and pink fins was shunned by its colony in Russia. Knowing it was unlikely to survive in the wild, a nature photographer who spotted the baby seal found a home for him at a dolphinarium where he works. — Read it at Discovery


Check out this cute video of a cat trying to catch a toy while sitting inside a box. — Watch the video at People Pets

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