Vetstreet Newsflash: September 23

Willow the Cat

Reunited, And It Feels So Good

The now-famous Willow, who was found in Manhattan five years after disappearing from her Colorado home, was greeted by her owners just after they arrived to see her at a New York hotel. “Hey, kitty cat!” squealed the family’s 3-year-old daughter as she met Willow for the first time.

The calico cat is set to fly back to Boulder with the family this weekend – after a round of interviews. Think she’ll reveal how she made the 1,600-mile trek? -- Read it at Today

Who’s the Most Amazing Dog?

One cares for a woman who can no longer walk or talk. Another has worked hundreds of fires and helped find arsonists. And another surfs with special-needs children. They are among the eight finalists for the first American Hero Dog of the Year award, and they’ll be on the red carpet with their handlers for an event that includes celebrities Betty White, Whoopi Goldberg and host Carson Kressley. -- Read it at Today


Smells May Help Birds Find Their Homes

Scholars who studied penguins say that birds may have a more highly developed sense of smell than was previously believed. Their research found that penguins may use smell to determine if a potential mate is a relative, to avoid inbreeding. Other research shows that smell helps guide birds to their home territory. -- Read it at Science Daily

A Frog With a Catcall

A meowing night frog is one of 12 new species of frogs found in western India. At just 1.4 inches, the tiny frog has a “secretive lifestyle,” hiding inside rock crevices. -- Read it at National Geographic

Stars and Their Pets

Did you catch the premiere of Dancing With the Stars this week? Here’s your chance to see the contestants (and one of the judges) with some of their biggest fans: their pets. We’re betting the stars can count on the votes of their furry friends. -- See photos at People Pets

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