Vetstreet Newsflash: September 26

Surf’s Up

Labradors, Boxers and Bulldogs were among the two dozen sporty canines who rode the waves in the Surf City Dog competition in Huntington Beach, Calif. One of the more impressive? Sir Hollywood, an English bulldog who scored extra points for surfing backward. — See photos at the LA Times

Some Dogs Can Sniff Out Lung Cancer

A new study reports that there is a certain scent on the breath of people with lung cancer — and that some dogs can smell it. In the study, published in the European Respiratory Journal, the dogs involved accurately identified those with cancer 71 percent of the time, but more research is needed to discover if the dogs were responding to the illness or to medications the patients were taking. — Read it at DMV360

NBC’s Natalie Morales Adopts a Dog She Met on TV

“Zara, she picked me,” says Natalie Morales of the 1-year-old Spaniel and Lab mix she met backstage at the Today Show. “I think she sort of said, 'Hey, I'm coming home with you.' " — Read It at People Pets


Living in a Fishbowl

You’ve heard of Angry Birds? Well, those fish in your aquarium may look peaceful, but a new study finds there are a lot of angry fish in home tanks. Ornamental fish are at risk of becoming aggressive in their cramped housing, the study finds. Tanks that were larger and had more rocks and plants in them housed happier fish. — Read it at Discovery News

Rescued Puppy Learns to Walk

Three weeks ago, Harper, a pit bill puppy, was so afflicted with a rigor-mortis-like condition she could hardly move. But the woman who rescued her had faith. With hydrotherapy, massage therapy and a lot of love, the 11-week-old pup is thriving. “She’s a walking miracle,” says one of her trainers. — Read it at Today

A Final Day of Bullfighting

In a big win for animal rights activists, matadors waved their red flags for the last time at a bullfight in Catalonia, Spain. The tradition was outlawed last year by the region’s Parliament. — Read it at The New York Times

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