Vetstreet Newsflash - Wednesday, October 5

Harper the rescued pit bull on Today
Harper takes a liking to Matt Lauer's laces.

Harper the Miracle Pup Makes Her TV Debut Last week, we told you the heartwarming story of a pit bull puppy who was rescued from a trash bag. Harper had “swimmer puppy disorder,” which left her muscles so stiff that she couldn’t walk. Now she's melting hearts on the set of Today, where she chewed on Matt Lauer's shoelaces. — Watch it at Today

The Invasion of the Giant Land Snails

Sounds like a horror movie, right? In South Florida, there are plenty of creatures that you won’t find anywhere else. The state's newest residents are giant African land snails, which can grow as long as eight inches — and chew their way through plaster and stucco. “I’m traumatized,” said one resident, after finding a snail behind her home. — Read it at the Wall Street Journal

A Diabetic Teacher Fights for a Dog on the Job

Mississippi teacher Christina McCurdy wants to bring her service dog, Jinx, into the classroom with her. McCurdy, who suffers from Type 1 diabetes, says her boxer knows how to warn McCurdy before her blood sugar rises or dips sharply, which could potentially save her life. But the district’s school board has denied McCurdy's request. — Read it at USA Today

Kicked Out Too Soon

Trinka the Wallaby Joey
Trinka hangs out in her new pouch.

San Diego Zoo officials say Trinka, a parma wallaby joey, was found “dirty, cold, bruised, but alert” — and she weighed less than two ounces. It’s believed that the joey was rejected by her mother and kicked out of the pouch before she could finish developing. The good news is that little Trinka is getting by with the help of zookeepers, who bottle-feed her and keep Trinka safe and cozy in a simulated pouch environment. — Read it and watch the video at Discovery News

A Rose Garden Stroll

Bo Obama takes in the crisp autumn air in Washington, D.C., with a romp around the White House grounds on Tuesday. — See the photo at People Pets

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