10 Christmas Gifts for Dogs and the Humans Who Love Them

As you trim your tree, hang the lights, bake cookies and prepare for guests, remember that there’s a certain member of your family who also deserves something extra special this holiday season: your dog.

Save a little space under the tree for these beds, toys, collars and outfits for your favorite canine. Plus, we've even included a couple of gifts for the dog lovers in your life!

Gifts for Dogs and Dog Lovers

Sebastian & Co. Caesar Overlock Collar

Sebastian & Co.

Sebastian & Co. Leather Collars

Say goodbye to collars with polka dots and rhinestones — for the (canine) man in your life, we suggest these rugged yet classy leather dog collars from Sebastian & Co. Thomas the Dogue de Bordeaux models the Caesar Overlock design, but there are plenty more to choose from.

Sebastian & Co. leather collars for large and giant breeds, from $50.

Funamals Portraits From Etsy
Funamals Custom Watercolor Portraits

There's nothing quite like a beautiful piece of artwork, especially when it features someone you love, like these watercolor paintings from artist Amy DeCaussin. She creates a colorful, abstract version of the photo you send her, and the piece comes on paper that's handmade in Michigan.

Funamals Custom Watercolor Portraits, from $120.

Bret Michaels Pets Rock Naughty Hoodie


Bret Michaels Pets Rock Naughty Hoodie

If your dog is on Santa’s naughty list this year don’t be ashamed — show off his mischievous side with this hoodie from Bret Michaels’ Pets Rock line.

Bret Michaels Pets Rock Naughty Hoodie, from $13.29.

Dog Wearing Whistle Activity Monitor

Whistle Activity Monitor

Whistle Activity Monitor

Fitbits and Jawbones are all the rage for humans this holiday season — so why should your dog miss all the fun? The Whistle Activity Monitor and its accompanying app tallys how much time your dog spends walking, playing and resting. It also tracks those trends for you over time, which means you're able to note any behavior that seems out of the ordinary. Now when your vet asks you how much exercise Bella gets every day, you can be exact about it!

Whistle Activity Monitor, $99.95.

West Paw Design Reindeer Toys

West Paw Design

West Paw Design Ruff-N-Tuff and Tiny Tuff Reindeer

Who doesn't love a good stocking stuffer? Come Christmas morning, your dogs will be excited to find these Ruff-N-Tuff and Tiny Tuff Reindeer toys under the tree. These West Paw Design squeaker products come in brown and caramel colors.

West Paw Design Ruff-N-Tuff, $17, and Tiny Tuff Reindeer, $12.

Dog Holiday Cards Paper Russells


Paper Russells Holiday Cards

Buying presents for everyone on your list can get very expensive very quickly. But a beautiful card with a heartfelt note can bring even more holiday cheer than a generic gift. If you're on a budget this season, we're sure the dog people in your life would love one of these adorable canine-themed cards from Paper Russells.

Paper Russells dog cards, from $2.50.

Jax and Bones Reef Rectangular Pillow Dog Bed


Jax & Bones Pillow Dog Beds

Besides being eco-friendly and waterproof, Jax & Bones’ dog beds come in a wide variety of unique and stylish patterns and designs. The beds are fit for any canine, whether she’s a chic Maltese who’s all about floral or a handsome Harrier with a penchant for faux leather. And of course the reef pillow bed shown above is a great gift for water-loving Labs.

Jax & Bones Pillow Dog Beds, from $89.95.


American Kennel Club

Reggie Box “New BFF” Edition

This fun gift box from Reggie Box and the American Kennel Club makes the perfect present for someone who has recently welcomed a new dog into their home. Actually, who are we kidding? Any dog would love a box of treats, toys and a plush blanket! The package also comes with AKC literature "to get you and your dog on the road to a lifetime of love and companionship."

New BFF Box, $40.

The Van Nes II Pet Bowls

Architect Pets

The Van Nes II Pet Bowls

Good things come to those who wait. While these designer bowls from Architect Pets won’t be available for shipping until January, they are in limited supply and could sell out if you don’t order soon. Made with acacia hardwood and stainless steel, the bowls are so sleek and modern that you might want to eat out of them.

The Van Nes II Pet Bowls, from $39.99 for a set of two.

Martha Stewart Pets Suspenders Tee


Martha Stewart Pets Suspenders Tee

Is your pet jealous of your party wear? Get him his own festive outfit! This adorable shirt from PetSmart has a lovely light blue polka-dot bottom, red-and-white-striped suspenders and a pert bow. It’s the perfect ensemble for a festive fête or a trip to see the man in the big red suit.

Martha Stewart Pets Suspenders Tee, from $10.49.


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