10 Luxury Gifts for the Pet Lover Who Has Everything

We all have that person in our life who seems to have every material possession she could want. You know the one: She has all the latest and greatest gadgets and knows about the season’s fashion trends before everyone else. Finding her the perfect holiday gift is next to impossible. If you have a pet lover in your life like that, we’ve got you covered. From over-the-top luxury cat beds to adorable doggie pj's, here are 10 gifts for pet owners (and pets) who have everything.

Unique and Luxurious Gifts for Pets and Pet Lovers

Bark&Miao Padpod


$999 Pet Lounger

This pet bed is so modern and stylish, you’ll want one for yourself. Upholstered with Laneve wool, the Bark&Miao Padpod comes in three colors: lime green, red raspberry and sky blue. If those colors clash with your living room, you can customize the Padpod with a selection of 20 shades. The Padpod fits most cats and toy dogs.

Bark&Miao Padpod, starting at $999custom colors from around $1,250

Preston Bailey Peacock Floral Sculpture

Neiman Marcus

$65,000 Peacock Sculpture

Garden parties will never be the same when guests can gawk in amazement at this peacock sculpture from celebrity event planner Preston Bailey. Sure, the over-the-top installation is pricey, but it is available in two awe-inspiring heights: 6 feet and 10 feet. The sculpture is mounted on a pedestal and made from assorted silk flowers, crystals in a choice of colors and seasonal plantings. Your recipient will work with her own landscape architect and the Preston Bailey design team to find the perfect plants and location for the peacock. And she will wonder how she ever lived without this Neiman Marcus fantasy gift.

Preston Bailey floral sculpture, $25,000 and $65,000

Jonathan Adler Leather Dachshund

Jonathan Adler

$795 Leather Dachshund

One can never have too much Doxie decor. This handcrafted leather Dachshund from designer Jonathan Adler brings a touch of gentility and whimsy to any dog lover's home.

Jonathan Adler leather Dachshund, $795

Hartman & Rose Haute Couture Octagon in Kelly Green & Emerald Collar

Hartman & Rose

$149 Italian Leather and Swarovski Crystal Collar

Your friend's dog will make a fashion statement in an elegant handcrafted Italian leather collar from Hartman & Rose. There are many versions, including this emerald Swarovski octagon surrounded by clear Swarovski crystals in a gold-polished setting.

Hartman & Rose Haute Couture collar in kelly green and emerald, $149.99

Petcube Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera


$199 Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera

This 4-inch aluminum and glass cube works with a pet owner's smartphone to do all sorts of fun stuff with a dog or cat. With the Petcube’s wide-angle video camera, microphone and speakers, he can see what his animal is up to and talk or listen to him through the device’s smartphone app. The Petcube even has a laser pointer, which can be controlled from a phone (though you should always be careful not to shine the laser in a pet's eyes). Best of all, your friend can share photos and videos of his pet straight from the app.

Fab Dog Flannel PJ’s

Fab Dog

$25 Flannel Dog Pj’s

Your friend's fashion-forward dog might have sweaters, dresses and T-shirts galore, but does he have a pair of flannel pajamas? Available in red plaid, green plaid and buffalo check (our favorite), these cozy pj’s from Fab Dog will keep a pup warm and toasty all winter long. And compared with the other luxury gifts we found, they're a bargain! 

Fab Dog flannel pj’s, $25

Royal Pet Portrait

LordTruffles, Etsy

$600 Pet Portrait

We all know that cats and dogs are royalty, and with a custom royal pet portrait from Etsy store LordTruffes, you can bring out a pet’s inner queen, king, princess, duke, captain or court jester. Painted in oil on wood, the regal gift will add a stately and dignified look to any pet lover's home.

Royal pet portrait, starting at $599.99

Oscar Cat Rest

Davies Decor

$99 Sleek Cat Bed

Modern cat lovers will adore this cat rest by Davies Decor. The beautifully and simply designed cat furniture was inspired by Neo-futurist designers and architects of the mid to late 20th century. With its elegant curve, the Oscar cat rest can be a great place for cats to sleep or an excellent place to hide under.

Davies Decor Oscar cat rest, $99

Chromebones Noir Handbag / Dog Traveler in red


$1,200 Dog Carrier and Matching Clutch

If your friend likes to dash around town with her tiny dog, this luxurious bag made of Italian patent leather may be a nice addition to her pet-carrying wardrobe. The dog bag comes with a matching clutch and can double as an oversized handbag in a pinch. With any bag, especially one made from leather, it's important to make sure the dog doesn't overheat when inside.

Chromebones Noir handbag/dog traveler, $1,200

I See Spot Leopard Ballerina Dress

I See Spot 

$37 Leopard-Print Ballerina Dog Dress

Little Fluffy will be the envy of every dog in town when she rocks this leopard-print ballerina dress. The adorable getup may also inspire your friend and her pooch to take up the spectacular sport of competitive dog dancing, making it the gift that keeps on giving.

I See Spot ballerina dog dress, $37

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