10 Posh Gifts for Pampered Pets and Owners

It can be difficult to decide what to get for your favorite pets and pet lovers — even if money is no object— because we all really want to give the perfect thing.

The good news is that we’re here to help you (or your personal shopper) come upwith the ideal lavish gift for the pet or person in your life who deserves some pampering this holiday season. We have even found a few gifts that are both luxurious and affordable. From $20 pet toys to $250 waste bag carriers to $4,500 doghouses, there are many fun items to consider.

Though, of course, as with all the items in your pet's world, you need to keep an eye out to make sure there's nothing your pet could injure himself with or accidentally ingest. That means watching for stuffing being pulled out of pillows or buttons or other materials coming off clothes or furniture. And you should always supervise your dog or cat when he plays with toys and replace them when there is any wear or tear. Your pet is depending on you.

Luxury Gifts for Pets and Pet Lovers

Kelly Wearstler Dog Houses
Kelly Wearstler Dog Houses

Doghouses don’t have to look like they belong in a "Peanuts" cartoon. These three abodes from celebrity designer Kelly Wearstler look more like pieces of fine art, although they are actually made of durable wood: Douglas fir (left), walnut (center) and ipe (right). Each house also features either Wearstler's signature burnished bronze kiss motif (left and center) or her burnished bronze sphere (right). And although each house also comes with a cushion upholstered in outdoor fabric, your dog will probably enjoy these more if you keep them inside your home. That way your pet can be warm, dry and stylish all at the same time. 

Kelly Wearstler Dog Houses, from $2,500 to $4,500.

Cat Mat for Yoga Cat Toy
FelineYogi Cat Mat for Yoga Cat Toy

Your kitty probably already observes you while you practice your sun salutations and Ujjayi breath, so why not give her a yoga mat of her own to enjoy alongside you? This feline yoga mat can be used as a scratcher, lounger and feeding station. Plus, there’s an attached catnip-stuffed toy made of sisal and natural twine for her to play with as well. Namaste indeed.

FelineYogi Cat Mat for Yoga Cat Toy, $24.99 at Etsy.

Bon Ton Waste Bag Carrier
Bon Ton Waste Bag Carrier

Add a little sparkle to your (or your dog walker’s) daily outings with this waste bag carrier made of solid brass and metal alloy. Cleanup won’t seem like such a chore when you gingerly pull a plastic baggie out of the dazzling golden carrier attached to your leash.

Bon Ton Waste Bag Carrier, $250 at Neiman Marcus.

Yellow Jade Petunia Cat Water Fountain
Yellow Jade Petunia Cat Water Fountain

Cat owners know that kitties can be a little finicky about what they drink their water out of. A lot of times, a simple bowl just doesn’t cut it. That's why you'll be tempted to gift your favorite feline with this gorgeous ceramic fountain. The flowing water may appeal to your cat, and the fact that it’s easy to clean will probably appeal to you.

Yellow Jade Petunia Cat Water Fountain, $169 at Thirsty Cat Fountains.

Monarch Vegan Croc Collar
Monarch Vegan Croc Collar

Everyone needs a little bling, including your dog. This handcrafted and hand-jeweled vegan "crocodile" collar comes in black or brown and features a row of three-carat hand-cut gems — either rubies or white sapphires — accented by one-carat white sapphires. Just keep in mind that your pup could accidentally scratch off and swallow the gems, so you should always supervise him when he’s rocking this spectacular collar.

Monarch Vegan Croc Collar, from $2,999 to $4,999 at Frontgate.

Melbourne Tufted Bed
Melbourne Tufted Bed

Would you describe your dog as dignified, noble and proud? If the answer is "why, yes, of course," then this fully upholstered dog bed is a must. Suitable for pups up to 30 pounds, this classic sofa boasts roll-style arms and a removable machine-washable cushion.

Melbourne Tufted Bed, $269.99 at Enchanted Home Pet.

Fluffy Cat Minaudiere
Judith Leiber Couture Fluffy Cat Minaudière

We’re sure you have lots of balls and galas on your social calendar, so next time you or a fellow feline fan needs a clutch to pair with an evening gown, consider this cat minaudière from Judith Leiber. Made of Austrian crystals, this clutch is sure to turn heads — and will be the envy of every sophisticated cat lady out there.

Judith Leiber Couture Fluffy Cat Minaudière, $5,495.

Henrietta Chew Toy
Henri Bendel Henrietta Chew Toy

Want to get something for your pup from a luxury brand without the sticker shock? This chew toy from Henri Bendel won’t break the bank — and it’s so cute, you might want to keep it for yourself (or give to a child). The canvas toy, which squeaks when chewed, should be given to only dogs who aren’t heavy chewers.

Henri Bendel Henrietta Chew Toy, $20.

Hermes Zebra Pegasus Scarf
Hermès Zebra Pegasus Scarf

You won’t find a zebra Pegasus mentioned in any Greek or Roman myths, but you will find the whimsical creature beautifully illustrated on this delightful Hermès silk scarf. Available in almost any color combination, this is the perfect gift for an animal lover with a keen imagination.

HermèZebra Pegasus Scarf, $395.

Tiffany & Co. Dog Charm
Tiffany & Co. Dog Charm

You can never go wrong with Tiffany’s. Dog lovers will be delighted by this 18-karat gold dog charm. Cat lovers, don’t fret; there is also a feline version of the beautiful charm.

Tiffany & Co. Dog Charm, $1,300.

Please note that product prices were confirmed at the time of publishing, but they are subject to change.

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