10 Reasons Pets Make Better Partners Than People

6. Old friends and new pets almost always mix. Unlike human-human interactions, which can be unduly adverse, jealousy is rarely an issue. 7. Pets are equal opportunity snugglers. Whether you’re sick or you just got a bad haircut, they’re 100 percent judgment-free.

8. If you need exercise, pets are eager to comply. Pets are always happy to play along or watch — without all that needless heckling of your downward dogs.

9. Pets are so easy when it comes to relaxing. For example, at TV time, they’ll always cede the remote to your control (but maybe not the popcorn).

10. You’re never too old for your pets. Crow’s feet, spare tires and leaky pipes mean nothing to them. Your easy way with a spoonful of peanut butter, however…

I’m not suggesting that your recently divorced brother or widowed aunt eschew human company. Nor can I claim animal company always bests the Homo sapiensvariety. But one thing I do know for sure is that all humans — especially those bereft of people partnerships in their lives — are way better off cohabitating with animals than going it alone.

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