10 Reasons to Fall in Love With a Mutt

If America is considered the melting pot of the world, then mutts are surely the all-Americans of the dog world. A mixture of many different breeds, mutts can be just as smart, trainable, loving and loyal as any purebred, all wrapped up in their own unique packaging.

We recently put out a call to our Facebook fans to send us photos of their favorite mutts, and we were overwhelmed by the response! Click through to see a handful of the submissions, as well as 10 awesome reasons a mutt just may be the right dog for you.

10 Reasons to Love Mutts

Roudy — Lab Mix

"Roudy" Jodie Naquin Banks via Facebook

1. They come in all shapes and sizes.

Do you like small or large dogs? Short or long hair? Pointy or floppy ears? Whatever your preference, there's a one-of-a-kind mixed-breed dog out there who's just right for you.

Sadie — Border Collie Mix

"Sadie" Christina Merten via Facebook

2. Mutts are multifaceted.

Whether you're looking for a dog who's good with kids, can keep up with you on a hike or is just happy to help you hold the couch down, there is a mixed-breed dog who can meet your needs.


"Zoey" Cheryl Bonner via Facebook

3. They are easy to find.

You can easily find lots of wonderful mixed-breed dogs waiting to be adopted at your local animal shelter or rescue group.

Feather — Chihuahua/Terrier Mix

"Feather" Cori Parker Dasinger via Facebook

4. These pups inspire creativity.

Ask anyone with a mutt what kind of dog they have, and you'll hear all kinds of enthusiastic theories. Playing the guessing game can be fun! Even better, give your pup his very own descriptive name. "He's not a mutt — he's a Great Lakes Golden Griffon!"

Felix — Shepherd/Pit Bull Mix

"Felix" Toni Lynn Amodio via Facebook

5. Mutts are affordable.

Adoption fees are pretty reasonable, ranging from $150 to $300, depending on where you live. That's a bargain, especially if your adoption fee includes spay/neuter surgery, microchip implantation, vaccines and licensing fees, which it often does.

Daisy — Terrier Mix

"Daisy" Toni Bennett via Facebook

6. Mutts may live longer.

Studies conducted in North America and Denmark have indicated that mixed breeds tend to have longer average life spans in comparison to purebred dogs. And that means more potential years with your new best friend.

Sadie — Dachshund/Jack Russell Mix

"Sadie" Marla Claudin via Facebook

7. They can participate in dog sports.

If your dog is athletic and has what it takes to compete, being a mutt won't prevent him from doing so. There are numerous sports that allow mixed-breed dogs to participate and earn titles, such as canine disc, agility, flyball, freestyle (dancing with dogs), lure coursing, obedience, dock diving and rally.

Shasta — Boxer/Lab/Great Dane Mix

"Shasta" Ali Burke via Facebook

8. These dogs have cool roots.

Many mutts bear some resemblance to the earliest domesticated dogs. Does your mixed breed dog have a short, yellow-to-light brown coat? Prick ears? Medium weight and height? If so, there's a good chance he favors the ancestors of today's modern dog.

Willo — mixed breed

"Willo" Pris Renteria via Facebook

9. They bring out your charitable side.

Seventy-five percent of the shelter population is composed of mutts. Adopting a mutt helps support your local shelter by reducing the number of dogs in need of a good home.

Sonic — Miniature Pincher/Chihuahua Mix

"Sonic" Michelle Scarlett via Facebook

10. Mutts unleash pure love.

Last but not least, by saving a mutt's life, you will be rewarded with wholehearted love and devotion!

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