10 Signs of a Pet-Friendly Home

6. An Uncluttered Living Space

Homes that are high on the pet-friendly scale are typically well organized and lack the kind of clutter that your pets can get into. Remember that the more opportunities there are for them to chew on something they shouldn’t be chewing on — towels, plastic bags, cords — the more opportunities there are for them to ingest something that could cause serious internal injury.

7. Baby-Gated Entryways

Baby gates aren’t just there to keep your pet from wandering somewhere they’re not supposed to be — they’re also there to keep them safe. If there are any rooms in your home that have furniture or items that are easily toppled, consider making a small investment in baby gates to keep those spaces off-limits.

8. Satin-Painted Walls

Yet another entry to serve your own best interests is the use of glossy, satin paint, especially in areas where your pet spends the majority of his time. Satin-painted walls are much easier to clean than those coated with flat paint — something that can come in handy if your pet is especially jowly or slobbery.

9. Pet-Friendly Plants

If you love plants, but love your pets even more, be sure to check what kind of greenery you’re bringing into your home. Some plants, like aloe and ivy, can be toxic to dogs and cats.

10. Scratch-Resistant Flooring

This is more for the benefit of the homeowner than it is for the pets that reside within, but that doesn’t make it any less critical a consideration. Your pets can inadvertently scratch up your flooring just by moving about. Linoleum, tile and hardwood flooring are your best options. Try to avoid too much carpeting, since it can be difficult to clean if there’s an accident.

You wouldn’t think twice about making your home friendlier for your young or elderly cohabitants, would you? So why would you think twice about keeping your home safe for your pets? By following these suggestions, you can create a relaxed and harmonious home for all of your furry family members.

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