10 Things Dogs Can Teach Us About Relationships

8. Be loyal. Dogs don’t complain to their friends when we leave dirty dishes in the sink, gain a few pounds or show up late for an evening walk. I’ve never seen a dog make someone look bad.

9. Treat your loved ones even better than they deserve. We should all aspire to be the types of people our dogs think we are. The boost I get from my dog’s adoration reminds me to give that gift to others.

10. Give each other some space. My dog doesn’t understand some of my hobbies, like Facebook or reading. I don’t grasp the joy he gets from chasing birds or rolling in mud. Still, we get along splendidly. In fact, having time for each of us to pursue our individual hobbies keeps us happy and well balanced. After all, everyone needs some personal space from time to time.

A little extra work and attention goes a long way toward making a relationship stronger. So thanks to all the dogs out there for setting a great example and helping us humans be better partners!

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