10 Things You Should (Probably) Not Say to Your Vet

9. But she only eats THIS much! (Hold up your thumb and forefinger for emphasis.) Stop and think before you utter this too-common refrain. Because in most cases, not only will you be wrong (all those treats!), but what you feed isn’t necessarily relevant. After all, if your pet is overweight and you’re being told she eats too much, a thumb and forefinger will not make for an adequately compelling argument.

10. How long have you been practicing? OK, so there are plenty of times I can think of when this question is perfectly appropriate. Unfortunately, unless you know your veterinarian well, it’s a question more politely asked of his or her staff. (It is, after all, a fair question.) I say this not because I prefer not to date myself, but because I know how the question can sting when leveled against the young. The implication is too often that they’re inexperienced and less able to perform. Which is why the question can come off as rude — even though you may not have intended it as such.

As I said to start off with, we’re really not terribly sensitive. Nonetheless, if you hope to become a trusted client and a true partner in your pet’s health care, you’d do well to give these 10 points some consideration.

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