10 Ways to Ace Litterbox Maintenance and Keep Your Kitty Happy

Bigger Really Is Better

Not only do cats feel more clean and comfy in a sizable sand box, they also feel less threatened by potential assailants should a territorial dispute arise.

Don't Put a Lid On It

Enclosed litterbox quarters can be especially discomfiting for cats who live in chronic competition with other felines. How would you feel if ambush was a possibility each time that you left the bathroom? This is why large boxes, sans lids, can be so wonderful. Consider buying one of those clear boxes with a kitty-sized opening above the litter level — so if she spies an assailant on the horizon, she can escape over the top.

Old Reliable

Once you find a product that your cat likes, stick to it. That litter on sale may look tempting, but when you consider that your kitty has to readjust every time that you find a bargain, it may not be such a great deal in the long run. This can be especially problematic if you make a drastic change after years of brand loyalty.

The Clumping Question

Here’s an area that’s been well-studied by litter manufacturers, who've demonstrated that not only do people prefer clumping litters but so do their cats.

Ahhh, the Aroma

Although fragrances, in particular, have not been associated with elimination disorders, it seems that cats tend to prefer cedar, bleach and fish odors to floral and citrus scents. Moreover, odor-controlling litters can stretch the life of a slightly dirty box, which is helpful when your cat is finicky about cleanliness.

Know Thine Cat

The key, as always, is to be aware of your feline’s individual litterbox peccadilloes. It really can make the difference between a healthy, happy cat and an unhealthy, overstressed kitty.

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