10 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day

August 26 is perhaps the greatest day of the year for canines: It's National Dog Day!

From cuddling to exploring to partying, the options are limitless for making this holiday one to remember. If you're in need of ideas, check out these 10 adorable canines who know how to make the most out of this special day. Is your pup celebrating? Be sure to share a photo on our Facebook page.

Celebrate National Dog Day 2015

Playing ball.

1. Play Games

Jack, a Yorkie, could play fetch all day, every day. He highly recommends throwing the ball with your favorite pup on National Dog Day.

Dogs enjoying each other.

2. Hang Out With Friends

Dunkel, a chocolate Lab, and Nessie, a Golden Retriever, look forward to spending time with each other, especially on special occasions.

Dog having a fiesta.

3. Throw a Party

Max, a Yorkshire Terrier, knows that National Dog Day is the perfect excuse to have a fiesta.

Playing in the water.

4. Splash in the Water

Does your pooch love the water? Follow the lead of Ash, the rescued Border Collie, and enjoy a day at the river, lake, beach or pool.

Seeing the sights.

5. See the Sights

Callipygean, an English Setter mix, likes to take in the scenery on her long walks. Today's the perfect day to take in a scenic view with your pup.

Getting a belly rub.

6. Give Him a Belly Rub

As you can see, Alvin, a sweet Shih Tzu, loves getting good, long belly rubs. He thinks all dogs deserve a belly rub on this special day.

Happily cuddling.

7. Have a Cuddle Session

ChiCho the Chug smiles as he drifts off for a nap while snuggling with his favorite human. With all the celebrating you'll be doing today, you and your pup will probably need a little shut-eye.

All dressed up.

8. Get Dressed Up

Mark this occasion by donning your finest outfit. Doesn't Elvis the Norfolk Terrier look dapper in his tuxedo?

Dog with big bone.

9. Enjoy a Special Treat

Nikki, a mixed breed, will take a queen-sized bone anytime, not just on holidays!

Happy, happy dog.

10. Show Your Dog How Much You Love Him

Henry, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, is happy, happy, happy just being loved by his family.

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