10 Ways to Simplify Your Pet Care Routine

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You love your pets, and you’ll do anything for them, right? But while you're going the extra mile for them, there’s nothing wrong with making life a little easier on yourself. These tips, tricks and hacks will help you organize your pet care life — and may make the course of true pet love run more smoothly.

Organize Your Pet-Friendly Home

Simplify getting out the door. Wherever you and your dog enter and exit the house, set up a cute tote bag filled with poop pickup bags and baby wipes for cleaning paws after a walk. If your dog wears booties in snow or rain, keep them in the bag as well. (And when you go on a trip, whether it’s to the park for the day or a two-week road trip, the tote can double as a go bag.) Store some towels in the area for drying your dog on rainy days or wiping extra-muddy paws. Keep leashes on a hook or leash holder by the door. Hang a shoe bag on the back of the door to the garage to hold harnesses, extra leashes and other dog supplies.

Streamline mealtime. Create a feeding station in your kitchen: Allot a specific shelf or drawer for pet food and water bowls, regular medications and parasite preventives, pill cutters and needle-less syringes, measuring cups and anything else you use to prepare meals or give medications. If your dog drools or is just a messy eater in general, you’ll want to add hand towels or baby wipes for cleanup after meals. Store pet food as near as possible to the feeding station (but make sure your pets can't access the food on their own). If you feed a specific brand of dry or canned food, set up a standing order with a pet food delivery service or online retailer. Some grocery stores offer home delivery as well. That way, you’ll never run low. Hang a calendar nearby, so you can note when you gave parasite preventives, when the next ones are due and when you need to purchase more food or treats.

Make cleanup easy. Designate a grooming and cleanup area. Keep pet shampoos, conditioners, ear cleaner, combs, brushes and other tools in your laundry room or garage. A basket with dividers or a shoe bag that you can hang on a door keeps everything organized. Store towels and enzymatic cleanser in a laundry basket or other container in the same space.

Bonus: Eliminate pet hair fast. Rubber dish gloves are good for more than just washing pots and pans. Slip them on and run your hands over furniture and carpets — or pets themselves— to gather loose pet hair. Get pet hair off clothing or furniture covers quickly and easily by tossing them into the dryer for a few minutes. You’ll be amazed (or horrified) by how much hair you will find in the lint trap.


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