11 Fun Activities to Do With Your Dog This Fall

There are so many things to love about fall: cooler weather, colorful leaves, football and Halloween, just to name a few. As you get out and enjoy autumn, your dog doesn’t have to be left out of the action. Here are some fun seasonal activities both you and your furry family member will love.

Fun Dog-Friendly Autumn Activities


Go to the pumpkin patch.

It’s decorative gourd season and your dog can help you find the perfect pumpkin to carve. Many pumpkin patches allow dogs — provided they are on leashes and their owners clean up after them. Be sure to check the rules at your local pumpkin patch before you head out.

Dog dressed as shark


Enter a costume contest.

Help your dog get into the Halloween spirit by dressing him up and entering a dog costume contest, either in your community or online. Just be sure your dog is comfortable and safe in whatever costume you choose. Then remove the costume to make sure he doesn't get overheated and never leave him in costume without your supervision.


Try apple picking.

Your dog can enjoy the outdoors while you pick fruit, provided he’s on a leash and is well-behaved. Many orchards are dog-friendly; check the policies of locations near you. You can share a bite of apple with your dog, just make sure he doesn't eat the seeds, which can be toxic.

Vineyard and setting sun


Visit a winery.

Want to enjoy a glass of wine with your pup at your side? Some vineyards and wineries are dog-friendly — check out Cork Hounds to find one near you. Just be sure to familiarize yourself with the policies of the winery you plan to visit — some dog-friendly wineries still have restrictions regarding where you can have your dog on the property. And of course, plan to keep your dog on a leash while you're there.


Explore an off-season travel destination.

Want to get out of town? Consider a pet-friendly hotel located somewhere you might ordinarily go in warmer weather, like the beach. Many beaches allow dogs during the off-season — and as a bonus, travel prices are often lower.

dog and owner on a hike


Take a hike.

With its crisp weather and colorful leaves, fall is an ideal time of year to enjoy the great outdoors. Take your dog on a hike and enjoy the foliage. Just be sure to consult your veterinarian before starting a new exercise routine and consider your dog’s physical fitness level before choosing a path. When you’re out on the trail, avoid poison ivy and check your dog for ticks when you’re done (or better yet, make sure your dog has tick-preventive on board before you go).

camping with your dog


Go camping.

Feel like roughing it? Enjoy a weekend in nature with your best furry friend. Just make sure that in addition to packing the necessities for yourself, your dog is well-equipped as well. That means bringing a leash, dog food, treats, food and water bowls and a bed. And don't forget the first aid kit!

Dog playing frisbee


Play outside.

If camping’s not quite your thing, enjoy the outdoors in your backyard or at a local dog park. Cooler weather means you — and your dog — can spend more time playing outside!

Two dogs in a leaf pile


Jump in a pile of leaves.

Who can resist the allure of leaping into a big pile of leaves? We won’t tell if you want to join in the fun. Just make sure there’s nothing in the pile that could hurt your dog, like a sharp branch.

puppy running with football toy

Embrace football season.

Have a favorite team? When you’re watching the game on TV, your dog can help you cheer them on, perhaps with some NFL-themed gear. Or get outside and play some ball with your pup — you never know, he could secretly want to be a wide receiver.

Dog cuddling with woman reading tablet



As the days get cooler, what can be more comforting and keep you warmer than snuggling with your furry family member? Grab your pup and some reading material (or turn on the TV) and settle in!

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