11 Reasons Old Dogs Are the Best Dogs

They are the epitome of poise and dignity.

"Raina was my dog from vet tech school. She passed away in August 2013 at 14-plus years. Not only did she help me to become a better veterinary technician, she also taught me a lot about how to live life to the fullest." — Senani Ratnayake

Their loyalty only grows with each passing year.

"This is Spanks! He is a Sheltie, 15 years and 3 months old. He is the best old dog... just because he is!" — Kelly Dawn Cheal

After years of practice, they've gotten really good at their favorite games.

"So much more calm than he was but still loves to play! Intelligent, driven, sweet Border Collie, 13-year-old Shawn." — Lee-Ann Matthews

You're thankful for each adventure you have together.

"Senior dogs generously share their heart and layers of experience. They inspire us with their zest for life and soothe our souls with their calm demeanor. This is Fidget, adopted from a shelter at 11 years of age." — Sandy O'Bleness

Whether it's in our homes or in our hearts, old dogs live forever.

"This is Spade, our 12-year-old BYB Husky. He is the most contrary, spiteful, stubborn, yet most wonderful dog in the world." — Heather Suedkamp


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